Car rental Agency SDX Smederevo (hereinafter,, Lessor“) rents the vehicle to the User of the service (hereinafter,, Renter“), on time and under the following contractual conditions:

Article 1.

Renter is obligated, by his signature, to accept and respect the following general conditions, as well as to take over all rights and obligations arising from this contract:
 • that the price and other conditions of renting specified in the current price list is accepted as an integral part of this contract.
 • that is 21 years old, and to have valid driving license for at least 2 years;
 • to receive the vehicle in good condition, with full tank of fuel, and with all necessary equipment and documents of the vehicle, as well as returning the vehicle in the same condition;
 • that the rental vehicle is returned within the stipulated period at the front page or earlier at the request of the lessor with tolerance of 60 minutes delay, after which an additional rental day is charged;
 • that the extension of the agreed period of use of the vehicle is asked from the lessor for consent, 24 hours before the expiry period of returning the vehicle;
 • to stop driving immediately if, during driving , the mileage counter broke, and to notify the Lessor about defect as soon as possible;
 • if, upon returning the vehicle, it is determined that the mileage counter has been damaged, to pay to the Lessor a cost for 500 kilometers for each day of vehicle usage;
 • that the vehicle is properly maintained and kept during period of usage;
 • that the rental vehicle is not used:
  a) under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  b) for illegal purposes (for example: criminal offense, customs and foreign currency offense);
  c) driver training;
  d) for transportation of passengers or goods with compensation;
  e) for towing other vehicles, trailers;
  f) to participate in motor sport events;
  g) for transportation of animals, easily inflammable and explosive materials, materials with strong and unpleasant odors, and bulky material that can damage the vehicle;
  h) at the time when the driving ban is active for Renter;
  i) during the expiry period of driving license
 • to use the vehicle only for own needs and not to lease or lend it to a third party;
 • to drive the vehicle himself or a person authorized by Renter, under conditions that that person is at least 21 year old with a valid driver’s license for minimum two years already, and to sign up as “Second” driver to this Contract;
 • not to overload a rented vehicle with persons or objects over the permissible capacity;
 • that the rented vehicle does not cross the Serbia state, without the permission of the Lessor;
 • that without the consent of the lessor will not make any change of parts, assemblies and devices on the vehicle, or alienate.

Article 2.

If, in case of negligence, there is damage to the tire, the wheels and the lower vehicle sections, the vehicle drive mechanism or any other damage to the vehicle of the Lessor, without any traffic accidents, the Renter is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor, as well as to pay to the Lessor the whole repair cost amount for vehicle damage and the cost amount for lost daily car rentals, according to the valid price list, for the time of the vehicle repair.

Article 3.

If the Renter violates any provision or requirement of article 1 and 2 of the Lease Agreement, he / she undertakes to compensate to the Lessor for any and all damages that arise as a result, and the volume of it will be determined by the Lessor.

Article 4.

For the loss of documents or keys, compensation values will be 300,00 euros in dinar counter value.

The Lessor will reimburse to the Renter for the regular maintenance costs of the vehicle (with the exception of vehicle washing costs), with the prior approval of the Lessor.

Article 6.

The Renter undertakes obligation to pay immediately to the Lessor at his first request:
 • Amount for daily rent and mileage traveled for a rented vehicle and other costs charged;
 • For vehicle renting, according to the valid pricelist;
 • Amounts of fines imposed against the Renter related to the use of the vehicle, caused by the fault of the Renter (violation of traffic regulations);
 • Expenses (court and law) arising from the collection of the Lessor’s claim.

Article 7.

In case of non-settlement of the costs from this contract, the Lessor shall initiate a court procedure against the Renter in order to collect its claims and calculate the interest.

Article 8.

When using a rented vehicle, the Renter is in compliance with applicable legal and insurance rules, secured for legal liability for damages caused to a third party, and the vehicle is also insured with the policy of full vehicle insurance.

Article 9.

The Renter undertakes obligation, at the time when the vehicle is not in use, to lock the vehicle, and to carry the keys with him, and if the vehicle has an alarm device, the Renter is obliged to activate it every time after leaving the vehicle.

Article 10.

The Renter is obliged to take care of the technical safety of the vehicle during the lease, check the cooling fluid, the oil, the tire pressure, and make the necessary oil changes, with the prior consent of the Lessor. The cost charges that a Renter may have due to aforementioned, can be admit with the attached bills. The Renter is considered responsible and is obliged to compensate the total damage caused by improper maintenance of the vehicle.

Article 11.

Any damage to third parties caused by the Renter, and given inaccurate or false information about himself, his / her address or documents, shall be borne exclusively by the Renter.

Article 12.

During the rental period, the Renter will bear the costs of garaging, parking, possible violation penalties and other unforeseen expenses. The Lessor is entitled to charge the Renter for any, later received violations or penalties, afterwards, for which he is responsible as the owner of the vehicle.

Article 13.

The Renter is responsible for the overall damage:
 a) made on a vehicle, caused by him or his authorized driver (second driver) under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
 b) if the damage is caused intentionally or due to rough negligence while driving;
 c) if the driver did not have a valid driving license at the time of the damage;
 d) if the driver, at the time of the damage, had active driving ban;
 e) if the damage does not report to the police and does not bring a police record for it;

Article 14.

The Lessor shall not reimburse to the Renter the loss or damage of personal luggage that is located in, or at the rented vehicle.

Article 15.

The Renter will be charged for all vehicle damage, as well as for the damage caused by the improper use of the vehicle, if it violates any general regulation from this agreement, for what he /she obliged by signing this contract.

Article 16.

The Renter undertakes to protect the interests of the Lessor and his insurance company in the event of a traffic accident by:
 • Record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the accident;
 • Secure a damaged vehicle;
 • Inform the Lessor immediately about the damage, even if it is insignificant;
 • Invite and wait for the arrival of traffic police authorities.
 • Use a PP appliance in case of a car fire

Article 17.
If the Renter fails to take the above measures in the event of an accident, he will be responsible for all the consequences and damages that may arise from it for the Lessor.

Article 18.

If the Renter does not return the vehicle to the agreed date that is specified at the front of the contract and does not settle his / her debt, the Lessor is authorized to submit a criminal complaint for the person to the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, and a search for a vehicle to the competent Secretariat of the Interior Affairs.

Article 19.

Minimum use of the service is 24 hours.

Article 20.

Tire consumption is measured before the vehicle is taken over. If the tire is worn out over a limited number of kilometers, the Renter is obliged to pay the cost, charged and calculated by the Lessor.

Article 21.

Payment is advanced with the required deposit, prescribed by the pricelist.

Article 22.

Additional charge:
 • Delivery or takeover of vehicles outside Smederevo, and outside working hours;
 • Washing a very dirty vehicle;
 • All damage to the interior and exterior, beyond the registered accident;
 • The lost key of the alarm device.

Article 23.

Any changes to this Agreement apply only if both parties agree and the statement of compliance is made in writing.

Article 24.

If the Renter settles the rental costs by credit card, by signing the original of the contract, he authorizes the Lessor to invoice the total rental costs, in the name of the organization that issued the credit card.

Article 25.

The Lessor is not liable for any damage to the Renter due to the failure of the vehicle during the lease period, nor for the damage to the Renter due to delay in delivery of the vehicle. The Lessor has the right to inspect the vehicle that is leased to the Renter.

Article 26.

In the event of a court dispute, the court in Smederevo is competent.

Article 27.

The contract is made in sufficient number of identical copies, by 1 “one” copy for each contracting party, in accordance with Article 27 of the contract, and this contract represents the freely expressed willingness of the contracting parties, and as such they accept and sign.